Airbrushed Silver BoneYard Motorcycle Helmet

Price:$ 75.00
Airbrushed helmets can be painted on any gloss novelty or on the DOT shorty helmet.

Available in all sizes XS-XXL.

Novelty price: $75
DOT Price: $135

This is an excellent motorcycle helmet to choose. The details of this helmet is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Beauty is in detail and that is what our Airbrush Helmets have.
Each Helmet comes with it's own Pull string bag for storage. When not in use just put it back in our the custom fitted pull string bag that we provide absolutely free.

Full Colored Graphic Motorcycle Helmets. Custom Painted w/ decals Helmets. Hybrid of Decals and Airbrush.

Best in Design and Quality

The Helmets are wet sanded, then clear coated 3 times. Each Lid is Custom Painted.

PPG Paint

SWP Cover the Earth!

Nickel Plated Rolled Tublar Steel Riviets

Trim-Lock Inc. Trims

Forward Position Y-Strap Retention System with a Pivot for fine adjustments. Does not interfere with your ears

Custom Quick Connection Lock with Steel Locking Mechanism for greater strength. Most helmets come with up to 4 different designs for free.

Nylon Webbing

Fully Lined Sewn Interior

Seems sewn to outside. No facial Chaffing

Hypo-Allergenic D-Ring and Adjuster

Motorcycle Helmets with Air Vent are fully adjustable

All helmets are coated with several coats of clear coat, and polished to a glass like finish so please Allow 3 Weeks for Delivery

We only use the finest materials for our Motorcycle Helmets. We take pride in every helmet we sell. The quality of our Helmets are second to none.