Price:$ 65.00
The skull has long been a reminder of how we value life. Don’t believe me? What’s the first thing you’d do if you saw this skull blade hovering at you? That’s right, you’d run like you were the Doom marine with no ammo. No, don’t be an internet tough guy, you know you would. Skulls have that effect on people, especially when they have red eyes and flames of razors. And don’t even get me started about those colorful forcefields.

This is a DOT Vented Skull Blade Graphic Shorty Series DOT Motorcycle Beanie Helmet which is the lightest and smallest in the market. Three different shell sizes are used to make different sizes. There are no other helmets on the market that vent like this one. The Black Skull Blade Vented Motorcycle Helmets are tested and keep you 20 Degrees cooler when opened.  The Motorcycle Helmet has attitude with its gloss black finish and Silver/Purple Skull Blade Flame Graphics on both sides. This Motorcycle Helmet weighs approximately 30 oz and measures 8.5 inches from ear to ear and 10.5 inches from front to back. 
This has a new EPS liner which is only 1 inch thick compared to 1.5 to 2 inches you will find in other similar helmets

·  Condition : New (No rejects, No seconds, No defectives)
·  Super light weight - Approximately 30 oz
·  Smallest construction -- Approximately 8.5 inches from ear to ear and 10.5 inches from front to back
·  EPS Liner Thickness - 1 inch
·  Helmet Bag and Owners Manual included
·  Made from different size shells, not stuffing more padding for smaller size 
·  Quality Plush Interior
·  Removable visor
·  Face Shield Compatible
·  You can easily wear glasses with or without the face shield
·  Stainless Steel Double D-Rings
·  DOT clear coated in the back
·  Great quality materials and workmanship
·  DOT Certified : YES
This helmet meets or exceeds DOT Specifications which means that this helmet is Department of Transportation approved and will help protect you in the event of a crash or fall.
·  Warranty: 1 Year