German Captain America Motorcycle Helmet

Price:$ 50.00


This German Captain America Motorcycle Helmet contains Red, White & Blue Metal Flake paint. Available in the Polo Jockey design only. Deluxe lined interior offers amazing rider comfort. Fully adjustable Y strap retention system and quick release for ease of use. Finally a helmet that is everything you wish your other helmets could have been.


  • Durable High Gloss Finish with Deep Shine
  • Lightweight & Durable Outer Shell
  • Deluxe Multi-Layered Felt Cushioned Interior
  • Steel Rivets
  • Fully Adjustable "Y" Retention System with Steel Quick Release

Engineered of precision injection molding techniques using virgin ABS Polycarbonates is the secret to producing the Caliber Helmets unmatched shell that is extremely lightweight. Using the finest  paints combined with multiple clear coats Caliber Helmets gives each glossy helmet a deep rich shine. Caliber Helmets are lined with a deluxe multi-layered, felt cushioned interior offering a perfect fit and amazing comfort in all styles. Fully adjustable Y retention system combined with quick release buckle fastener and steel rivets for ease of use and comfort while on the road.

Caliber Novelty Helmets...Unmatched quality and appeal.


Quick Release with Fully Adjustable Y- Strap Retention System!